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      Wenzhou rise clothing co., LTD is a professional design and manufacture the belt of medium-sized private enterprises,Is located in“Every one in China”??Wenzhou pingyang county township head。The company covers an area of30m,The construction area25000Square meters,The registered capital00000Ten thousand yuan,With employees450Name,Daily production leather belt60000The article,Is the leather goods industry leading enterprises in zhejiang province。

      The main products of the company“Rise”Brand belt leading the domestic market,At the same time, best-selling Europe and Japan、The United States、In Brazil、Argentina and so on more than 20 countries and regions,And international numerous well-known brands has established the long-term, stable relations of cooperation,In the United States international brand partnersTARGET、Okley、FranceCarrefour、sisley、The United KingdomTESCO、ASOS、GermanyALDI、LIDL、The Czech republicBata、ArgentinaPolo、Japan's uniqlo、Castle peak YangFu etc。

      Rise people follow the advocate science、The pursuit of excellence、People-oriented、Serve the society of the enterprise purpose、Attaches great importance to the optimal allocation of human resources and enterprise culture construction,Has been awarded at all levels of the government“Provincial science and technology enterprises”“The good faith demonstration enterprise of zhejiang province”“County industrial metabolism”Such as the honorary title,And take the lead in the industry throughISO 9001:2008International quality system certification,ISO 100000000:2004Environmental management system standard certification,And the European UnionBSCI、Japan's uniqlo、France's carrefour and the UKASOSInstitutions such as certification。

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Our advantage


Product advantage

Nine years in a row in the same industry ranked first in zhejiang province,And take the lead in the industry throughISO9001:2008International quality system certification、ISO1aa:2004Environmental management system standard certification、And the European UnionBSCICertification

Research and development advantage

Stand and clothing co., LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of leather belts,The support of the huge r&d team, Constantly developed outstanding classic products,And fusion of elegance and modern design style will intensify research and development of new products。

Quality advantage

Companies leading products“Rise”The belt:“Nation inspection-exempted products”、“Zhejiang famous brand products”The title,A trademark was identified as“Zhejiang province famous trademark”,A trade name is rated“Well-known firms in zhejiang province。

Production advantage

The existing factory covers an area of52m,The construction area45000Square meters,The registered capital800Thousands of dollars。With employees1000More than 1,Daily production leather belt60000The article,Is the leather goods industry leading enterprises in zhejiang province。

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